Due to some up front savings and a general lack of knowledge many homeowners decide to go with an open loop geothermal system.  In this system water is pumped from a well and discharged somewhere on the property.  A typical system will use close to a million gallons of water a year.
This can lead to the following complications:

1. Overuse of the well may result in the well not working properly.
2. There is an increased need for well maintenance and sometimes there is a lack of pressure because the pump is undersized.
3. The system requires a regular chemical flush to clean out the accumulation of minerals and debris in the system.
4. Often times a filtration system needs to be installed which itself requires a lot of maintenance due to the high volume of water usage.
5. Due to the high usage many wells develop iron bacteria which has no permanent solution and renders the well unusable.

For these reasons we recommend that homeowners install a hassle free closed loop system up front.  However, if an open loop system has already been installed we can provide the expertise needed to convert an open loop system to a closed loop system.